Star Wars Rebels – The Forgotten Droid review

I had expected this episode to be filler and upon watching it I was right. This episode focuses on Chopper, who we’ve been known for a long time to be selfish as he’s only thinking about the old left leg instead of an important mission for the Rebels. After stealing it from a merchant, he boards an Imperial ship where he befriends an Imperial droid who was once a Republic navigator droid that was reprogrammed by the Empire.

I guess they’re trying to make the duo to become the show’s equivalent to C-3PO and R2-D2. It was alright, but it advanced nothing hence why it’s a filler. What was more baffling was the placement of this episode near the final three episodes of the season after last week’s awesome outing.

Only thing good is that the Rebels have gained another ally,  but it’s also nice to see Sabine’s old Mandalorian friend Katsu back. That’s what saved the episode. An okay episode at best.


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