Farewell Joyce Gilbert Glusman 1951-2016

I am saddened, disheartened, and shocked that my former talent agent, Joyce Gilbert Glusman, has passed away likely due to breast cancer. She was born in Miami and went to Miami Norland Senior High school. She worked for Ada Gordon Talent Agency, which became Martin and Donalds from 1995-2013 and became an agent for the Sports Book. It used to be based on North Miami and relocated to Hollywood. Joyce was my agent since 1997 until she left. She was the first person I met when I signed with Martin and Donalds. Almost immediately I had castings and shootings.  I would call her up every once a week to check in and sometimes she has something for me or sometimes she didn’t. There was never a negative word between us. I’ve developed a rapport with her over the years, along with Christine Donalds. In all my years with her, I never turned down a casting or a TV/ Film/ Commercial shoot from her. Whenever she did have something for me, I would respond immediately. Without her, I would have never gotten this far in show business. There will never be another like her as she was one of the best agents in South Florida. I will miss her warmth, energy, and lovingness that no one else had. She will be missed by all of us in the show business community. Thank you, Joyce, for the great memories and may God bless your soul.


One thought on “Farewell Joyce Gilbert Glusman 1951-2016

  1. Joyce was a gem. She was my first agent in SE FL beginning in 2006 when she worked at Martin and Donalds, then went with her to Sportsbook. She treated me like I was special always. I will also miss her terribly.
    So sorry for everyone’s loss. This woman was a very special soul, who will be missed by so many.

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