Arrow – Broken Hearts review

I don’t know what is happening with Arrow as I’m slowly losing interest. It’s turning into the Oliver/ Felicity show in the midst of the return of Cupid, whom we last saw was in the Suicide Squad with Amanda Waller, Bronze Tiger, and Deadshot. I guess after Waller’s death, they decide to turn her loose again going after people in love for no reason just because she was rejected by Oliver. I couldn’t stomach this one at all.

The only good thing was seeing Dinah Laurel as an attorney having a case against Damien Dahrk with many, including Detective Lance, testifying. Dinah Laurel has improved a great deal and has come a long way as I knew she would become a favorite once again. If she ends up in the grave, I don’t know if I want to watch the show without her nor do I have interest in doing so. With the show getting a 5th season, they need to improve it a great deal and get back to the things that made the first two seasons great.

A filler episode I didn’t care for.


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