Star Wars Rebels – Mystery of the Chopper Base review

When I first heard the title, I thought it was going to be a base that Chopper was once in. Upon viewing it, the Rebels have finally found a base to settle in until they discover a spider-like race as well as snails. There is tension between Kanan and Ezra after Kanan become knighted and Ezra’s powers growing. It seems that the arc for the Rebels is over while they are saving the Jedi/ Sith stuff for the hour-long season finale. Hera is struggling with the absence of the Jedi, but Kanan’s reasons for going on a mission with Ezra and Ahsoka are to shift the Sith Inquisitors away from the Rebels and onto them. Just wish Hera would see that. An okay episode that’s a little better than last week’s and we got to see what the former Imperial droid does as part of the team.


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