Star Wars Rebels – Twilight of the Apprentice review

The second season has been building towards this hour-long finale that felt like an animated Star Wars movie. The focus was on Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka while the rest of the Rebels were not shown until the end. They had already found the base in last episode. We have the three heroes going to Malachor to gain Sith knowledge on how to defeat the Empire. As they got in through the traps, they got separated when Kanan and Ahsoka took on the Inquisitors while Ezra meets Darth Maul. We also have a new Inquisitor who is called the Eighth Brother.

Just like his former master, Palpatine, Darth Maul is slowly using Ezra to get the Sith Holocron and activate the Sith Temple against Maul’s enemies. It appeared that Maul is on the same side as Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka, to fight against the Inquisitors, but as usual he turns on them and blinds Kanan in the process. It shows that this was a violent outing for Star Wars. They went the Force Unleashed here as they’re trying to make Kanan like the blind Jedi Rahm Kota.

The Inquisitors all end up dead, with the possible exception of the Eighth Brother they just introduced. Just as Ezra uses the Holocron to activate the temple, in comes Darth Vader who destroyed Ezra’s lightsaber and finally confronts Ahsoka. The two are shown to be somewhat evenly matched, but Darth Vader overpowers her. As he got distracted by Ezra, Ahsoka uses this opportunity to break open part of Vader’s helmet that shows Anakin’s face. As Ashoka tries to reach out to him, Anakin’s dark side wins out and sets out to kill her once and for all. I was expecting Ahsoka to die in this, but instead Dave Filoni purposely left it open-ended seeing that she’s his favorite character.

If Ahsoka dies, then it’s clearly the end for her. But if she’s alive, what state will she be in. I think if she survived she won’t be alive for long. Like Darth Vader, she was also limping into the temple’s shadows. Either way, they have no plans to bring her back to the Rebels. Basically they set up to have both Darth Maul and Grand Admiral Thrawn to be the main villains for the 3rd season. The problem with Ahsoka’s survival is that she’s Dave Filoni’s pet character and his attachment to her outweighs the good of the story, which is the dark times of the galaxy. Deep down from the beginning, I knew he wouldn’t let her be killed off. But I’m glad they’re not bringing her back for the third season and if it’s going to be like this, then let this finale be the last time we see her.

An epic controversially way to end the second season.


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