The Flash – Flash Back review

After finding out that Jay Garrick is Zoom, Barry tries to find way of being faster to defeat him. Then he decides to travel back in time to the first season where he meets his younger self, fights and knocks him out, and takes his place to get Eobard Thawne/ Wells to help him how to get faster. A twist to all this was the time wraiths that followed Barry to the past. Unfortunately for Barry, Thawne/ Wells discovers that it’s Barry from the future as their scene is one of mind games.

In the midst of Barry’s time in the past, he sees Eddie Thawne again just as Iris is trying to move on from him as she’s dating her editor boss. With the time wraiths lurking around, Thawne/ Wells gives Barry the formula to become faster and he goes back to his future. However it’s nice to see past Barry helping him out. The only change in the timeline was seeing Pied Piper fighting on the side of good.

I don’t think this episode was the right episode in setting up the Flash’s crossover with Superman. Pretty funny CGI involving the two Flashes as one of them is clearly Grant Gustin’s stunt double. A good episode overall.


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