Justice League Vs. Teen Titans review

I had the fortune of watching the latest DC animated movie called Justice League Vs. Teen Titans when it starts with the Justice League battling the Legion of Doom, but Robin botches up their mission that caused him to be transferred to the Teen Titans. Damian isn’t too happy about it feeling it was his punishment. It was about him fitting in with the team and learning about teamwork rather than going solo. It was sparks flying as soon as Robin is put in with the group.

The Teen Titans make their debut in this DC Animated movie universe and they looked better than the Teen Titans from the original series or the Go series. I want an animated series based on this version. The group are Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Blue Beetle. Nightwing was likely a part of the group until he joined the Justice League, but Cyborg was never in the Teen Titans. The reason these two teams go at it is because of Raven’s demonic fighter, Trigon, who uses his power to possess the Justice League. Except for Batman, the other JL members end up being possessed. We get to see fights between the two and among the the Justice League.

During this movie, we learn about Raven’s origin as they have a plan to stop Trigon. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash deal with Trigon directly while the Titans go to Raven’s dimensional homeworld of Azareth to try to seal Trigon in forever. One thing that did stood out is that there is a relationship between Robin and Raven. There is also a special appearance of a character from the Teen Titans comics that could lead into a full-fledged Teen Titans movie series.

Great animated movie that continues the relationship between Batman and Robin.


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