Legends of Tomorrow – Progeny review

The team travels to the year 2146 where Vandal Savage is tutoring and mentoring young Per Degaton under his wing. They have an argument on how to stop it all by suggesting they kill Per Degaton when he was a child. This was where there was tension amongst the team. It was Captain Cold who suggested to kill Per Degaton as a child and Rip Hunter ultimately listened to him, but Rip’s morals win out at the end. Per Degaton is a character from the 1940’s when he battled the Justice Society of America and works well in this time period.

As Gideon pointed out, no matter what the team does Vandal Savage will always arise to power. But the problem is that Vandal Savage is many steps ahead of them as he knew Kendra Saunders and Rip Hunter during his time in ancient Egypt. He can sense Kendra while recognizing Rip. Meanwhile, the team explores the future as Ray Palmer finds out that the lady CEO is his multi-great granddaughter by seeing multiple Atom suits.

There was flashbacks between Kendra and Carter that shows their life in the 1950’s. This looks out of place with the episode as I wondered why didn’t they use it when they were in 1958 to 1960. They could have gotten the current Kendra interacting with her 1950’s self.

The other storyline has Rip, Sara, and Cold  interrogating Heatwave separately in his cell and neither Rip and Sara got through to him, but only Cold did as the only solution between them is to fight each other to the death. Luckily neither were dead and Heatwave warns the time about the time pirates getting them. I love the climax fight when the team was fighting Per Degaton’s men and the Atom suits, along with the hostage exchange standoff.

Great episode overall.


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