Supergirl – Myriad review

Following the crossover with the Flash is not easy as they return with a two-part season finale that deals with the season long arc called the Myriad, where they control the human race with a mind device. It picks up where last episode left off when Jimmy Olsen and Winn Schott are under Non’s myriad device, along with National City. I like how the episode starts, but then starts to fumble somewhat when we have talk-heavy scenes with Supergirl and Cat Grant. I find it contrived that Cat Grant wasn’t affected, but also shows how self-centered she came across. Max Lord I can see why he was unaffected.

We are introduced to Maxima who stays true to the comics when she was rejected by Superman as a mate and is from Almerac. WWE female wrestler Eve Torres did a great job as her as I suspect she will return for a second season. We now have our answer as to which side she was on. We also have the return of Indigo, but her scenes with Non tells me that she is the true mastermind and not him. I would not be surprised if she ends up killing Non to take over. Max Lord and Indigo are Supergirl’s own Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

The other storyline was Alex and Hank on the run from the government when they had to disguise themselves. I didn’t see it as comical as the producers made it out to be. It was nice to see Helen Slater returning as we have all three Supergirls in this episode. If Alex had listened to both Hank and Helen Slater, she would not be under the control as the end sees her being used against Supergirl. Please tell me they’re not going the Batman v Superman vibe here. It’s likely they were watching the movie, but I don’t want them copying it in any way.

Good penultimate episode as I will wait until the second part to make judgment.


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