Supergirl First Season Review

With the Supergirl season finale now behind, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on its first season. When they first announced a Supergirl TV series, some thought it wouldn’t last because of the huge shadow that her more famous cousin Superman casts. The show is made by the people who produced Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. While they’re on the CW network, Supergirl would be on CBS. The focus is on Supergirl while Superman is in the background that’s used in various ways. The whole idea is to set Supergirl apart from her cousin.

The first season was about Supergirl finding her place in the world as a superhero while she found her place as Kara Danvers, assistant to Cat Grant in her media company Catco. The cast includes Cat Grant, her adopted sister Alex Danvers, DEO director Hank Henshaw, Winn Schott Jr., and James Olsen. All of them have their purposes related to Kara, but the producers and writers were trying to find their niche. It wasn’t until the mid-season point with episodes Hostile Takeover and Blood Ties that things started to come together.

If anything this show had many DCU characters, both heroes and villains such as Lucy Lane, Max Lord, General Sam Lane, Red Tornado, Master Jailer, Bizarro Girl, Live Wire, Silver Banshee, Jemm, Helllgrammite, and Maxima among others. But none were more significant than the Flash, who appeared in a crossover episode with Supergirl. When the Supergirl series launched, many wanted to see the crossover between these two shows because of their similarities in tone and style. The crossover was a success and many were happy.

Supergirl had the bigger budget than the other CW shows and we saw fights and special effects at their best. It felt like a mini-Supergirl movie and there were nods to Man of Steel. The coolest thing about Supergirl is that we saw the depth and humanity of the character much like we had with Christopher Reeve’s Superman. It is expected that the show should have a second season renewal because the first season ended in a cliffhanger that got everyone interested.

While Supergirl is the second highest-rated comic book series, it’s the highest-rated superhero show that drew between 6-13 million viewers each week. A great first season of Supergirl.


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