Arrow – Canary Cry review

This will be my final episode of Arrow to watch after they killed off Dinah Laurel Lance for virtually no reason. It was all to prop up Oliver and Felicity and nothing more. Basically you would think that the surviving Lance family of Quentin, Dinah Drake, and Sara would appear in this one, but there was no Sara because of Legends. I have a feeling it’s going to feel like an afterthought in the upcoming Legends episode.

Of all the Team Arrow members, Diggle was affected the most and he felt that he was responsible thanks to his brother Andy who caused her to get killed. For everything Diggle had told Oliver, it was all reflected back at him. With Dinah Laurel’s funeral, we have someone running around in her costume and canary cry device trying to carry on the Black Canary mantle. If anyone is going to become Black Canary besides Dinah Laurel, it should be Sara.

Meanwhile, there is flashbacks between Oliver and Dinah Laurel but they picked a strange time for that such as when Oliver left because of some other thing and not Tommy’s death that caused Dinah Laurel to have this drinking problem she had in season 2. They could have shown more between them in flashbacks prior to the first season. I feel that this is the producers and writers taking a shot at Dinah Laurel and the actress knowing she’s gone from the show. Since she’s gone, I have no interest in watching future episodes if they going to full throttle with Oliver and Felicity.

Here is one problem to all of this – the producers said that her death will stick. Did it ever occur to them that Sara is in the time machine called the Waverider with the other legends and that she could use it to change history to bring Dinah Laurel back? Did they even thought this through? Instead they will have an Earth-2 version of Black Canary called Black Siren who works for Zoom in the upcoming Flash episode. What are they going to do? Kill her off like they did Killer Frost so that Katie Cassidy doesn’t ever come back? Nice try, but she can appear in Supergirl or be brought back through time changes.

I have never seen so much inconsistency in this show than any other DCU comic book show. An average episode at best and a farewell to Dinah Laurel Lance. That’s it for me with Arrow.


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