Legends of Tomorrow – River of Time review

After capturing Vandal Savage instead of killing him, Rip Hunter decides to take him to the Time Masters for disruption of the timeline. However, Savage proves why he’s one of DC’s top villains when he’s manipulating and stirring up things from his prison. Most members of the team got to talk to Savage and their backstories before they embarked on this time travel mission were revealed, such as Sara’s backstory with Nyssa, Professor Stein and his wife, and Ray with Felicity when she was in a wheelchair.

Rip had the Waverider being pushed to its limit and its time drive was damaged. Combined with the fact that both Leonard Snart and Mick Rory want to go back home in 2016 to resume their old lives as criminals, things go down for the time and this is the third act and turning point of the third season. Great action that started from the fight between Ray and Savage and escalates from there. It was nice seeing Sara riding the Waverider instead of Rip and I think Ray has done it too.

Meanwhile, Kendra has the brainwashed Carter Hall as she tries to bring him back to the point of wanting to reunite him as lovers as it didn’t sit well with Ray and the two have their problems as a couple. This is Savage getting to Ray and driving a wedge between that worked briefly. They are stalling this thing with Kendra killing Savage and I’m concerned it’s going to lose its meaning once she pulls the trigger.

Great episode overall here.


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