Legends of Tomorrow – Destiny review

The penultimate episode sees the Legends team at their lowest point where they learn the truth about their mission, the Time Masters, and Vandal Savage’s rise to power. It changes everything for Rip most of all as he has been loyal to the Time Masters. Unfortunately as great as the action sequences and effects were, it has been all for nothing after this entire season. So what are the team fighting for now? Their own destinies and they proceed to take out the Time Masters’ advantage that caused Vandal Savage to be a step ahead of them all this time.

Meanwhile we see some romantic tension between Sara and Snart that has been there from the pilot episode. Sara continues to get used to riding the Waverider in Rip Hunter’s absence. There was something I didn’t expect – the death of one of the team members as he became a hero in the end. This removes that cast member from Legends as a series regular, but will be in the Flash and Legends in recurring fashion. It may extend to Arrow and Supergirl if possible. I thought Ray was going to die for sure, but that may have changed.

Meanwhile, Jax is in 2016 a few hours after Rip first meets the team on the rooftop. Jax is showing why he is the right choice to be Firestorm and why Professor Stein did what he did in the pilot when he knocked Jax out with a drink. They also teased about the Thanagarians as I wonder if both Carter and Kendra will be gone by season’s end and be replaced by the Thanagarian Hawks instead.

Great episode overall here.


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