Legends of Tomorrow – Legendary season finale review

The season finale is upon us as Rip Hunter gives the team a choice to continue with him or leave the group. Before they can do so and go their separate ways, Sara learns from her father that her sister Dinah Laurel is dead at the hands of Damien Dahrk. This causes her to want to use the Waverider to change the timeline and bring Dinah Laurel. Unfortunately for her and us viewers, the writers ended up BS’ing their way out of it, not to mention certain people in the creative team not wanting her back. These writers are not suited to do the time travel stories.

The main plot was Vandal Savage performing the ritual on the Thanagarian meteor rocks that gave him immortality and the Hawks their reincarnations. He plans on doing this in three time periods – 1958, 1975. and 2021. In Justice Society of America style, the team splits into small groups to deal with Savage and kill him in all three time periods. The big epic save went to Rip Hunter who threw the last meteor rock in the Sun while he got to see the spirit of his family one more time before making the time jump 20 minutes ago. One problem with this is that if Vandal gets killed in 1958, he should cease to exist in both 1975 and 2021. I wonder how well did the writers thought this through.

Basically with Vandal Savage defeated and dead, the Hawks decide to leave the team. Basically this was the impediment that holding the show back throughout the first season. With their exit, comes a new player at the end. His name is Rex Tyler aka Hourman and a member of the Justice Society of America. Us comic fans are happy about this and we’ve seen Easter eggs in the show, but the way the finale was structured we should have seen this coming.

The team for the 2nd season will be Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer, Professor Stein, Mick Rory, Sara Lance, and Jax along with perhaps Hourman and one other. A good way to end its first season as I will be doing the first season review later on.


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