Gotham – Transference Season Finale review

The season’s Wrath of the Villains theme reaches its end when Hugo Strange’s experiments lead to the familiar villains to break out loose in Gotham. I think Hugo Strange has turned out to be a better villain than Theo Galavan ever was. This picks up where last episode left off in that Hugo Strange gets Clayface to impersonate Jim Gordon while the real one is held prisoner in the Arkham along with Bruce and Lucius. Actor Ben McKenzie is showing his range as an actor playing dual roles. Unfortunate none of the police were able to figure out that Jim Gordon is Clayface, not even Harvey Bullock of all people as I agree with the statements that he should turn his badge in. Instead, Gordon’s ex Barbara Keane figured it out.

I think Fish Mooney may be back as a series regular or recurring character, but with all the villains on the loose it should make season 3 to be interesting. The main thing that stuck out in the end was that a villain who is a long-haired version of Bruce Wayne could be either Thomas Wayne Jr or another Clayface impersonating him. Whatever it is, it’s a great season for the villains. I just wish they had Bruce Wayne be featured a lot more. I do like he, Gordon, Alfred, and Lucius teaming up along with Selina. The good guys may be set for the next season.


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