The Flash – The Race of His Life Season Finale review

Last episode ended with Zoom killing Barry’s father, Henry. This episode picks up where it left off as Henry Allen dies and this leaves Barry crying and angry as he took it out on Zoom. Throughout the episode, Barry was angry while it’s revealed his friends end up betraying him as they come up with a plan of their own to stop Zoom. Unfortunately it blew up as Barry was locked in Star Labs’ cell, his friends tried to send Zoom through the dimensional breach as he took Joe with him. Thanks to Wally, Barry finds out, is upset, and has a right to be as the race is still on.

The Man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick, but at that point we didn’t know what he looked like. Barry and Zoom raced as he tries to stop him from destroying the Multiverse. Just as Zoom created time ripples of himself, Barry did the same thing in their climactic race thus defeating him. This causes the time wraiths to come out and turn Zoom into the Black Flash we know from the comics.

Jay Garrick is the man in the iron mask, but he is also the Earth-3 counterpart of Henry Allen and Barry’s reaction is priceless. We get to see Jay’s costume and takes Zoom’s mercury helmet thus giving us the live-action Jay Garrick we’ve been waiting for. Prior to the series, we wanted John Wesley Shipp to be Jay Garrick and now we got it. I hope he is used in the Legends of Tomorrow so we can see the actual Justice Society of America. As Jay, Harrison Wells, and Jesse Quick leave to return home to Earth-2, Barry and Iris have their moment alone before Barry did something we didn’t expect. I have to wonder if he’s from the same Earth as Supergirl’s.

This felt like a reboot of sorts as Barry went back in time to the night his mother died and this time he stopped Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne from killing her thus erasing his life and the lives of his friends, along with their memories. I suspect that this was his response to their betrayal. However this could lead to Flashpoint Paradox. If so how does this affect the other shows, even including Supergirl? They’re giving us a great setup for the third season. Great episode to cap off the second season. I will do a review of the Flash’s second season tomorrow.


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