Arrow – Schism Season Finale review

The fourth season of Arrow ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. This finale had Oliver fighting Damien Dahrk with the support of the people of Star City and they have spoken. You can see the Dark Knight Rises influence here. The highlight was the fight between Oliver and Dahrk while everything else felt lackluster. I didn’t like how they tied Dahrk with the League of Assassins. I know some wanted Sara in the finale, but that wouldn’t be fair to Oliver. If anything, Oliver avenged Dinah Laurel. I only watched this because it’s the season finale. The end saw the opposite of last season’s finale where Oliver and Felicity left Star City and this time it’s Diggle, Thea, and Detective Lance who left as Oliver and Felicity are left standing. This sums up why Arrow is losing viewers and why it lost its favor among superhero tv fans. Oliver became the Mayor of Star City, which was fine but I had a problem of how he got there throughout the season. That’s likely the only setup for the 5th season so it left with a whimper. An okay season finale at best. I will be doing a review of Arrow’s Fourth Season later on.


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