Ace Frehley – Origins Vol. 1 review

After the success of his last album, Space Invader, that hit the Top 10 Ace Frehley puts out a covers album called Origins Volume 1 that sees him covers songs that influenced him as well as a few KISS songs that he didn’t sing. Aside from being known as a great guitar player, Ace is also known for doing great covers as well such as Back In The New York Groove and 2000 Man. Origins amplifies that when he covers songs like White Room, Wild Thing, Magic Carpet Ride, and Emerald among others. I hope he covers the Who’s Behind Blue Eyes.

The guests on this album are Lita Ford, Slash, John 5, Mike McCready, and a reunion with original KISS bandmate Paul Stanley on the song called Fire and Water. Ace and Paul did a video and interview for the song that is one of the highlights of Origin Vol. 1. KISS fans are happy with this collaboration between Paul and Ace as they have worked well together over the years. Should Gene Simmons step down from KISS, I can see Paul and Ace running the group in his absence.

Like Anomaly and Space Invader, Origins Vol. 1 is a great album from top to bottom. The KISS songs Ace did on this album are Cold Gin, Parasite, and Rock and Roll Hell. Him not singing those songs on the KISS albums was the reason for him doing it and it’s a way to make up for the times he didn’t sing on the first few albums. These are better versions than the ones on the KISS albums and they fit Ace more than Gene.

Great album from Ace overall as usual.


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