The Monkees – Good Times review

The Monkees celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show in 1966. What better way to celebrate their anniversary with a new studio album called Good Times? When Davy Jones passed away in 2012, I thought there would be no new Monkees album without him. According to Micky Dolenz, it was Rhino who wanted a new studio album from the Monkees. So they enlists today’s artists to write and submit songs for the album called Good Times. The title of the album is derived from an old demo done by Harry Nilson that resulted in a duet between he and Micky. When I first heard the song, I thought Micky was dueting with himself from the 60’s. The rest of the songs feel like the Monkees we know and love from the 60’s, thanks to producer Adam Schlesinger.

Micky sang the majority of the album while Mike sings three and Peter sings two. There is one old track from the 60’s sang by the late Davy Jones that is called Love To Love. It’s a great track and it wouldn’t be complete without Davy in there. Mike Nesmith’s best songs are Me and Magdilena and Birth of An Accidental Hipster. Peter’s best song is Little Girl that he originally wrote for Davy to sing, but this was one his best track. Micky’s songs are optimistic and upbeat as any of them could have fit in with their 60’s albums.

The result of this album is positive and reviews for this album are overwhelming positive. It is much better than their last two reunion albums, Pool It! and Justus. It was #1 on Amazon and I hope it can get on the top 10 on the Billboard charts. The Monkees’ Good Times proves that they are still relevant. I hope they can bring back the optimism and upbeat to this cynical world. Great album overall.


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