Voltron: Legendary Defender – The Rise of Voltron pilot review

I had the fortune of watching the feature-length pilot of the new Voltron series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. While the previous Voltron series, Voltron Force, was a loose sequel to the original this was a complete reboot from top to bottom. The essence of the characters are there with Keith being the fighter, Lance the cocky confident one, Pidge being the tech genius, Hunk as the light hearted strong guy, and Allura the headstrong princess. Coran is the royal advisor. The new character they created is Shiro and is based on Sven. The changes here is that Keith is not the leader of the group and pilots the Red Lion while Lance pilots the Blue Lion. Shiro is the leader of the group and pilots the Black Lion. This makes sense considering that Keith and Lance wore colors that didn’t match the lions in the original series. I had a feeling they were going to do something like this.

The idea of space explorers searching for the lions and bringing back Voltron is there and they added plenty of twists as King Alfor, Allura’s father, spreads the lions out throughout the galaxy. Blue Lion is found on Earth while Black Lion is in the castle. Red Lion is captured by the evil Galran Empire commanded by Emperor Zarkon and Witch Haggar. Green and Yellow Lions are in a couple of other worlds. The lions are magical and sentient and have a bond with their pilots.

Allura and Coran look alien with pointy ears. The twist with Allura is that she and Coran were in suspended animation for 10,000 years. They awoke to resume their battle against the Galran Empire and calls the team Paladins. I enjoyed this incarnation of Voltron more than the previous series and even the original, which is hard for me to say it. From there the war between the Voltron Force and Galran Empire resumes.

Lots of character relationships and moments here and already they grabbed me. The series is done by the pilot who did the Legend of Korra. It felt like a reboot movie and it should. Shiro is doing great as team leader and keeping the team together. I still feel that this is a story of how Keith becomes Black Lion pilot and leader, how Lance become Red Lion pilot, and how Allura would pilot the Blue Lion. I think they’re trying to lead up to the Voltron mythology we know and love.

An excellent start to the new Voltron series as I feel Voltron has truly arrived in the 21st Century more than Voltron Force.


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