Farewell Victor Leong 1974-2016

I do not dwell in high school years nor am I keen on high school reunions, but I am writing this with heavy heart as I found out one of my classmates from my high school Design and Architecture Senior High has passed away back in March and I didn’t find out about it until now due to my acting career in film and TV. His name was Victor Leong and was a member of the Class of 94, one year my senior. He was highly skilled in making boats since 91-92 perhaps even before that, but he was doing this professionally since 92. Victor always walked to the beat of his own drums and always did his own thing. A living definition of artist, he never went along with the programs the school set for him. Everything he has done has always revolved around making boats even to his passing. He and I took the Humanities class during my Freshman year in 91-92. Like me, he was weird and was voted one of the weirdest in his class back in 1994. One of my old classmates displayed a school admit where his excuse for being late was having power cut out by the UFO. It may have been funny to him, but the school administration didn’t share his sense of humor and he got a detention as a result. Victor was 41 as he looked and acted young. He passed away from what they called the Freedivers Blackout, where he stayed underwater for too long and that the body no longer receives oxygen. Victor was one of a kind who will never be duplicated and his creative genius will be missed by all who knew him back in DASH.


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