Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 4 review

The end of last episode led us to believe that a certain Decepticon leader would make his appearance in this episode and we were proven right. Here we see Megatron taking on three of the Constructicons for his training in the ruins on Earth. Optimus Prime and Windblade go to Megatron to seek his help while Megatron wants to go at it with Prime one more time, but even Windblade got involved. The flashbacks showed the difference between the leaders of both Autobots and Decepticons respectively. There were great character moments, especially between Optimus Prime and Windblade. The series gets better and better with each succeeding episode. I think this is going to lead into Optimus Prime/ Megatron/ Windblade Vs. Rodimus Prime/ Starscream/ Mistress of Flames, along with the Combiners. Great episode overall.


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