Gotham – Burn The Witch review

The addition of Valerie Vale shows that she is the audience viewpoint and we’re seeing this through her eyes. It feels like she is the main protagonist instead of Jim Gordon, who is continuing to take a dark path as a bounty hunter. His relationship with Gotham City Police is very rocky as no one is interested in dealing with him, especially Barnes.

Meanwhile we have Fish Mooney kidnapping Harvey Bullock, who lost his police badge likely on purpose so that the police can follow his trail. Whatever chemistry was once there between Bullock and Mooney seems to be gone.

Bruce Wayne is showing hints of his future as Batman when he deals with a masked person about striking an agreement while Poison Ivy has aged as she emerged from the waters as a little bit grown from the last time we saw her.

The episode title really refers to Penguin gathering others to go after Fish Mooney like a witch hunter going after a witch. Like the premiere, so much is crammed in this episode. An okay episode at best.


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