Arrow – Season 5 premiere review

Last season ended with Oliver Queen being elected Mayor of Star City and Team Arrow disbanding. It starts with Oliver fighting as Green Arrow while being Mayor as he has his sister Thea to hold down his political fort in his absence. Felicity has a new love interest while she’s working with Oliver and Curtis Holt has become part of the team to assist Felicity in maintaining their operations. Diggle is working in the military where he truly belongs. It is a message that things will not be what they used to be and they have to grow and evolve.

They also have new vigilantes that are springing up and Oliver feels that most of them are green and untrained such as Wild Dog. This will lead into the creation of new Team Arrow that could include Curtis as Mr. Terrific.

The flashback of Dinah’s death in the hospital feels out of place with the episode and it took them this season to tell us what she said. As everyone knows, Dinah Laurel is a big part of the show’s success. She was great in the last couple of seasons as Black Canary. My hope is that she can be resurrected in Legends or be used in Supergirl.

The flashbacks has Oliver being initiated into a Russian organization. I can see this year being the final year for flashbacks because it’s what is holding the show back from its true potential. Can’t wait to see what Dolph Lundgren can really do in this season.

I’d say this was better than the Flash’s season premiere and I can see why this was ranked high. A good start of the season. I don’t know if I will watch the rest of the season until it regains the things that made it great. I know I will watch the Arrow part of the upcoming mega crossover.


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