Star Wars Rebels – The Antilles Extraction review

Original trilogy character Wedge Antilles makes his debut in the series as to how he and several other Imperial pilots joined the Rebels. They used Sabine for this story as she infiltrates the Imperial Academy to rescue Wedge and the others. Unfortunately this was a missed opportunity on flashing back Sabine’s days in the Imperial Academy, but I guess they want us to imagine what she was like back then. For once Ezra is not the main focus of this episode. We also got to find out the Fulcrum is not who we think it is and it ends up being Agent Kallus as he starts showing respect to Zeb. I can sense that Kallus is beginning to question his place in the Empire since last season and it’s escalating in this one. A slow start that is kicking into high gear and for me, this is in the same vein as Princess Leia’s appearance last season. I hope Wedge is used recurring throughout the season.


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