Legends of Tomorrow – Out of Time season premiere review

Legends ended last season with the appearance of Hourman Rex Tyler and it was a good hook for the second season. Unfortunately when they started the second season, they did a time jump of six months later where they were trying to defend the timeline nonstop. Also Hourman Rex Tyler was nowhere to be found. It was an envelope episode where Nate Heywood, a time detective, went to Oliver Queen about his teammates that were missing and that time may have been altered. Together they went underwater to find the Waverider and discovered only Heatwave Mick Rory was there.

From there, he tells Oliver and Nate on what happened to the team as they went through several time period until they went to 1942 where New York was bombed. As they went to the 40’s, there was conflict between Ray Palmer and Sara Lance over her vengeance against Damien Dahrk over her sister’s death at his hands. For the Waverider to stop the nuclear explosion, Rip Hunter sends the team and scattered them throughout history separately. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just send them back home in 2016.

Oliver made Nate a part of the team as he goes with Mick to rescue almost everyone, except for Rip who seems to be leaving the team and the series. I think the hints of this were that the opening narrative is by Professor Stein instead of Rip from last season. Nate is the audience viewpoint of this episode and may continue to do so as he seems to be replacing Rip in terms of time histories. As for leadership, there may be a power struggle here.

The end of the episode sees the appearance of the Justice Society of America, who are comics’ first superteam and represent old school. This is what I’m excited the most. They got rid of the impediments from the first season such as the Hawks and Vandal Savage and they were not mentioned at all. Basically this was their reboot from the first season. Starting with a flashback narrative wasn’t really a good idea. I don’t know why Oliver is in this episode as it should have been Flash Barry Allen as he’s an expert in time traveling. They also did some setting up of the Legion of Doom beginning with Damien Dahrk and Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne. A lot to set up and yet they wasted time in several unnecessary things. The team scattering could have been one of the arcs.

A decent start to the second season.


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