Supergirl – Welcome To Earth review

It’s not easy following the first two episodes with Superman in it. So how do they follow it up with? By having former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsden, named after the wife of Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marsden. There was lots of debuts such as Mon-El, who is awake, along with Maggie Sawyer and M’Gann M’Rzz aka Miss Martian. This is also the first episode without Cat Grant, who left the show in the last episode that reflected Calista Flockheart’s departure due to production moving to Vancouver. This episode is described as X-Men meets Men In Black in that Supergirl is protecting a world that fears aliens while the DEO is tracking them down. It also has the political views of show producer Greg Berlanti as he needs to be careful when doing that.

The theme of this episode is duality and acceptance that pertains to Krypton and Daxam and Humans and Aliens. President Marsden tries to sign the Alien Registration Act that allows aliens to have the same rights as Humans on Earth. While Supergirl is onboard with it, Martian Manhunter disagrees with the President’s policy. Basically J’onn comes across as someone who doesn’t believe he’s an alien, but I like the President’s last line to him about defending the world not being enough, but also living in it. That is the difference between both Superman and Martian Manhunter. Superman is defending the world and living in it, Martian Manhunter is defending it while remaining on the outside looking in. I love a couple of nods to the Wonder Woman TV series such as Supergirl’s spin.

Mon-El is from Daxam, the sister planet of Krypton as the two worlds were at war. Supergirl has become biased against Mon-El and this bias also resonated with her alter-ego, Kara Danvers, where she has to report unbiased like her cousin Clark Kent. This was why Snapper Carr ripped up her article to teach her a thing or two about journalism. James has done well as new boss of Catco and has already come in conflict with Snapper. I think we can live with James’ new purpose here as I’m liking it. Eventually Supergirl and Mon-El came to accept each other since both their worlds are gone.

Maggie Sawyer is introduced and already has come into conflict with Alex Danvers about interfering in one organization’s affairs. She wasn’t going to put up with nonsense from Alex and eventually the two are starting to form a friendship. I think this episode is the start of exploring Alex’s life outside the DEO. I think we have a pretty good idea on which character will be coming out from all four DCU TV shows. Alex of all people should know the difference between good aliens and bad aliens since she has an alien sister and works for an alien boss.

Miss Martian makes her live debut and she looks pretty good as a great hook into the next episode. I can sense a Young Justice adaptation here that if they bring Superboy from Cadmus, we may see a relationship between he and Miss Martian just like the Young Justice cartoon series. The villainess is Scorcher who emits fire from her eyes and hands. I wished they show her more in the episode and one of the criticisms about Supergirl is her villains. They need to correct this for the November Sweeps.


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