The Flash – The New Rogues review

The latest episode continues Jesse Quick becoming a superhero speedster as she undergoes super-speed training under Barry that shows her that she’s almost as fast as him. The costume she uses is a recycle from Tangent from last season, but they painted some of it yellow along with the symbol. When out in the field with Barry, she did well and their pairing is like Superman/ Supergirl and Green Arrow/ Speedy. Now Earth-2 has its own speedster in Jesse Quick.

The show is becoming too dependent on Harrison Wells as one of him leaves to return to Earth-2, another of him arrives from Earth-19. Luckily the two Harrison Wells meet as the one from Earth-19 comes across as a comedic wise-ass. This episode seems to be about finishing loose ends from last season as it could have fit in there.

The villains are Mirror Master and his girlfriend, Top. There is history between them and Captain Cold Leonard Snart. Mirror Master now has a reason to go after Captain Cold, but was fooled by a hologram of him later on. I thought we would see the return of Captain Cold that is affected by Flashpoint.

How many times will they tease us with Barry and Iris making only to have it not last?

Caitlin Snow continues to deal with her transformation as she secretly uses her freeze powers to free Barry, but both Cisqo and Wells realize that they didn’t free him. The ending shows her that she is transforming with parts of her hair being white and her lips being blue. I wonder which version of Killer Frost will she resemble? The one from the first season finale or the one from Earth-2?

Great episode for the team-up of Flash and Jesse Quick. I just wished Jesse would stick around.


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