Supergirl – Crossfire review

Crossfire refers to a gang being armed with alien weapons to deal with Supergirl. I was hoping this was Intergang. They got their weapons from Cadmus, which makes me wonder how Cadmus got a hold of these in the first place. It was during this episode that we see James Olsen wanting to do more than just being a sidekick to Superman and Supergirl. The destruction of his father’s camera has ignited his desire.

This lead to James going to the DEO to see Winn, who was suckered by him to give him information about what that gang was going to do next. Unfortunately there were a couple of more scenes between them that Winn is against James being a vigilante, but Winn eventually agreed only to keep him safe.

Kara is trying to get Mon-El to become something that may not work for him as it did for her and Clark. This was where Alex comes in about letting other people make their own choices. Mon-El is a definition of laziness that’s due to the planet he came from in Daxam. I can see this thing between he and Eve Tessmacher continuing to evolve.

The relationship between Maggie Sawyer and Alex is also growing since they met and it’s obvious that it is Alex who is coming out. It will be interesting to see how Kara handles this and how Alex is dealing with this new reality in the next few episodes. I can see Kara and Alex spending less time and Alex and Maggie spending more time as this season goes on.

Lena Luthor continues to be interesting as we still don’t know where she stands. It was the same way with Smallville’s Tess Mercer. The end twist with Lena and the Doctor was something we didn’t see coming. I hope her father is Lionel Luthor and that John Glover would reprise the role. I like seeing her working with Winn and this is the first time she interacts with Winn and Mon-El.

It’s clear which show represents the political views of Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler and it’s this show. They said that Supergirl is their flagship, along with Flash more than Arrow and Legends. Much better episode than last week’s.


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