Supergirl – Changing review

Changing is mainly about three characters who are undergoing a change and it resonates with the villain Dr. Rudy Jones aka Parasite. Here we have Kara training Mon-El in how to use his powers to defend himself against threats such as Parasite and before that, she wasn’t happy about the job Mon-El has after Catco such as beating people up for money. They don’t have the same definition of good. It was interesting seeing Kara drunk, but whatever M’Gann served it was deadly to Humans, but not aliens like them. It was also good to see M’ Gann again after the fight club episode.

It was nice seeing Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Alex on a time off outside the DEO and I hope they give us moments like this. This is the second time it happened. First time was the first season finale.

James becoming the Guardian may have felt rushed, but he figured that after being Superman’s sidekick that he would use his experience to become a vigilante. He and Winn knew that if Supergirl found out, she would have put a stop to it. I like the relationship between James and Winn in that Winn is providing the grounded reality to him. He did great as Guardian and I like that the shield is part of his gauntlet. I hope his shield flies like in the comics. It was also good to see he and Mon-El teaming up to face Parasite like in the comics. I hope they team-up more for the rest of the season. I can see a Team Super forming here.

There was Alex, who just told Kara about coming out. While Kara doesn’t have any prejudices in her, she isn’t handling their new reality all too well as she feels Alex has been spending too much time with Maggie than her. Just as Alex came out, Maggie rejects her and Alex felt humiliated as she shut off Kara and everyone else. Alex also isn’t handling this new reality herself either. This is the second time that we’ve seen Alex cry. The first one was where she told Kara that she killed Astra. Even if the sisterly bond is strong, eventually both Kara and Alex will go their separate ways.

M’Gann has given some of her White Martian blood to J’onn as this could cause him to find out that she’s a White Martian. I wish M’Gann would join up with Mon-El and Guardian in fighting the Parasite. Great episode overall.


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