Supergirl – The Darkest Place review

So much has crammed into this episode such as Supergirl trying to rescue Mon-El from Cadmus, Guardian being framed for murder, Martian Manhunter figuring out what’s wrong with him, and Alex repairing her friendship with Maggie. Supergirl was all set in trying to go after Guardian until she received a call from Cadmus to rescue Mon-El. It is in Cadmus that Supergirl discovers that the real Hank Henshaw is alive as a Cyborg, that Dr. Lillian Luthor is Lena’s mother, and that Jeremiah Danvers is alive. We also discover that Mon-El has a weakness to lead just like the comics and that he and Supergirl are starting to bond, despite their background differences. We find out why Dr. Lillian Luthor hates alien, especially Superman and Supergirl, even if she has a warped view of it. I was glad that it’s the real Hank that is Cyborg Superman and not Jeremiah or anyone else. In their first meeting, Cyborg Superman got the better of Supergirl and was later able to gain access to the Fortress of Solitude, which they shouldn’t unless it was satellites. We find out that Jeremiah is alive and whole, but is it the real Jeremiah or a clone of him? These will be answered throughout the season.

The other main storyline sees Guardian James Olsen being framed for murder by a DC character called Baggage and he looks similar to Vigilante, who was seen in Arrow. Matter of fact, this storyline and the one in Arrow are similar. Here is where Guardian is being framed and the first thing Winn wants to do is end it while James wants to find out who framed him. I think James is at his best when he’s with Winn and not with Kara. The first person to learn of their secret is Alex, who isn’t happy about the whole thing when she has problems of her own. Seeing this is like a leftover from Arrow. They could have used Guardian Jim Harper on Arrow since he’s related to Arsenal Roy Harper.

Speaking of Alex, she is dealing with her new reality as she repairs her friendship with Maggie, who was sorry about how it went down between them last week. Baggage is a character whom Maggie dealt with in comics and this is sort of similar in this episode. At least one DCU show is somewhat staying true to the comics compared to the Arrowverse where they started swaying from the mythology.

Martian Manhunter was happy at first when he was rescued by Miss Martian until he and Alex found out that she’s a White Martian. His reaction is an understandable one seeing that his race was eradicated by the White Martians. J’onn is an emotionally-guarded character and this is probably the first time we see him smile. The scene with he and Kara is one of the best ones. I think Kara will want to get Miss Martian freed and may need her. Her blood is turning him into a White Martian. The fight between J’onn and M’Gann is a rematch from the one in the fight club episode.

The superhero community in Supergirl is expanding a little bit and needs to after the upcoming Mega Crossover. Good episode overall that is one of the darkest.


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