The Flash – Killer Frost review

The episode picks up directly where the last one left off in that Barry is racing against Savitar, who is very much a lot faster than Reverse-Flash and Zoom combined. Barry would have been dead if it wasn’t for Caitlin using her ice powers to save him. Here is when the focus shifts on her hence the episode title directed by Kevin Smith, who makes his return from last season. From there Caitlin goes to Barry’s CSI partner Julian about her case and kidnaps him as Barry tries to reason with her, even if it means knocking out Julian to prevent him from knowing.

I really believe that Caitlin’s Earth-2 counterpart is in her and is taking control of her than the Flashpoint timeline Barry created, but whenever Flashpoint is brought up it renews the tension between Barry and Cisco and tests their friendship. I like seeing Cisco out in the field. All of this could have been prevented by using the cuffs on Caitlin. The directing is not the problem, but the writing is. I don’t think this episode was thought through well enough.

Wally has spent most of the episode being trapped in a cocoon made by Savitar after last episode focused on him and Joe has a heart-to-heart with Earth-19 Harrison Wells that he really didn’t with the Earth-2 one or the evil faux one from the first season. Once freed, Wally has shown to be faster than Barry was in the beginning. In the comics, Wally has surpassed both Barry and Jay and I have a feeling he will surpass Barry down the line in this season.

The reveal of Julian as Dr. Alchemy was too obvious and it was something many could a mile away. Obvious equals boring as they should have gotten someone else to be Dr. Alchemy. Unfortunately the scene between Barry and Julian has caused Barry to quit the CSI as they could not work together at all. I suspect that Barry will spend the majority of his time in Star Labs from this point onwards until he finds out that Julian is Alchemy and can’t wait to unleash on him.

Pretty odd that there is no end scene that leads into the crossover. Good episode at best.


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