Star Wars Rebels – The Wynkahthu Job review

Scheming pirate Hondo returns with Azmorigan, whom Hera has a grudge with because he believes he owns her. While Ezra is still friends with Hondo, Hera does not trust him or Azmorigan nor does she trusts Ezra’s faith in them hence why she put Zeb in charge knowing Ezra is being too close. This shows where Ezra’s head is at because he’s still conflicted between the light and dark sides. Despite the half-truths from Hondo, Zeb had to get it out of him in that he and Azmorigan want the crate full of treasury. Hondo did make an offer the Rebels can’t refuse because it involves proton torpedoes that they need. The Ghost crew can see that Hondo is taking advantage of Ezra, who still doesn’t see it nor is he denying it. A filler episode at best.


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