Supergirl – Medusa review

Tonight was the first part of the 4-part mega crossover of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends. We were warned in advance that the crossover doesn’t happen until the end of the episode and upon watching  they were not kidding. It is also the midseason finale for the first half of Supergirl’s second season where Kara and Alex’s mother, Eliza, has returned for a Thanksgiving dinner. Jimmy and Winn were talking with Alex about revealing the Guardian secret to Kara, but for some reason Alex does not want them to ruin this night. As Alex was about to reveal things, a dimensional portal appears as this was a hint of the crossover that will happen throughout the episode. Matter of fact this happened three times.

Lots of confessions were made such as Kara and Mon-El having feelings for each other to the point that they had the kiss that is reminiscent of the one from Superman 2. I wonder if that kiss mindwiped Mon-El. He showed the heart of a hero when the aliens were being killed by the medusa device made by Cyborg Hank Henshaw. This was a continuation from last week’s episode and I feel this was a lot better. You can see the stark difference when the Guardian plot was not being used this week compared to last week. Speaking of Mon-El, a group of aliens are searching for him. If it’s the Dominators underneath the cloak, then Supergirl is involved in the crossover a lot deeper than we thought.

Alex and Maggie have finally made out with each other. This is overdue for Alex since last season we knew nothing about her outside the DEO. I think we will see Alex and Kara going their separate ways eventually. Maggie has become a great addition to the show. I expect Maggie and Alex to work together a lot more than Supergirl and Alex in the second half of the season.

In Smallville, we’ve seen the father/ son relationship between Lex and Lionel Luthor. Here in Supergirl, we get the mother/ daughter relationship between Lillian and Lena Luthor. We find out that Lionel favors Lena while Lillian favors Lex. It was clear that not all Luthors were evil, but the friendship between Lena and Supergirl was being tested after Supergirl told her about her mother’s activities with Cadmus. In the end, we’ve seen Lena came through and I feel she is the show’s equivalent to Tess Mercer.

I got my wish that we get to see the two Hank Henshaws meet and fight each other for the first time. The Cyborg Hank Henshaw is showing why he is one of Superman’s top villains as he disappeared. Supergirl did better in their rematch as well. I like how Supergirl was written in this episode in that she figured out the Cyborg Hank used her blood to access the Fortress and Madusa, but also meet her father Zor-El who created the Medusa project through a joint venture between Krypton’s military and science divisions. Both Supergirl and Lena Luthor experience the disillusionment with their families after years of putting them on a pedestal. They also resolved Martian Manhunter’s problem as well perhaps in time for the crossover.

Then comes the ending where Barry returns with his friend Cisco, who meets Kara for the first time. Cisco still hasn’t forgive Barry for the Flashpoint timeline. Not everything is revealed at the end there as I suspect it will be revealed in the Flash part of the crossover. Great midseason finale episode to end the first half of the second season.


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