Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion review

The conclusion of the mega-crossover culminates in Legends when Citizen Steel, Heatwave, and Vixen travel back to 1951 to capture one of the Dominators to interrogate him, but they end up getting captured by the government while Cisco and Felicity stayed behind in the Waverider, which marks their first time inside the ship. Meanwhile, Oliver explains his issues with Supergirl as an alien while Professor Stein is dealing with the daughter he never knew in this new timeline. Also Cisco’s time trip caused an aberration that led to the Dominators’ returning as he now feels what Barry went through. I was glad Barry and Cisco made up.

I wanted to like this, but I couldn’t as I didn’t feel a sense of danger for the heroes. There were no stakes and the Dominators were not threatening enough. Unfortunately, it’s the government who were threatening the heroes more than the Dominators. We see the heroes battle the Dominators, but it didn’t feel epic at all. Highlights include Supergirl saving Oliver’s life, Supergirl and Flash putting some device on the Dominators, and Cisco, Firestorm, and White Canary preventing the Gene Bomb from landing.

Seeing Kara receiving an interdimensional device from Cisco opens up doors for future crossovers. With this now over, I feel Supergirl has not been vital to the story as the Arrowverse heroes could have done all this without her. The Supergirl and Flash portions were good as they’re helmed by Andrew Kreisberg, but the Arrow and Legends part of it was underwhelming and they’re helmed by Marc Guggenheim. I had wonder how Guggenheim would handle Supergirl and it’s clear he’s not well-suited. This crossover shows me why merging Supergirl’s universe with Arrowverses’ isn’t happening nor would it work. The timing was not good as Supergirl was a midseason finale and Arrow was an Anniversary milestone. I hope the next crossover will correct some kinks. A mixed ending to the whole event.


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