Star Wars Rebels – The Ghosts of Geonosis review

The Rebels head to Geonosis where they run into an original Rebel named Saw Gerrera, who debuted in the Clone Wars series. Only Captain Rex has history with Saw. We find out that he lost his sister and carries on the fight in her memory. Saw is impressed with the current Rebels, but his methods are known to be extreme and this was something that Hera has an issue with. Saw works well with the Rebel team and ends up joining them in the end. This was an attempt to cash in on the Rogue One movie, where Saw Gerrera was in it. Matter of fact, he is voiced by the same actor who plays him in Rogue One. Truth be told that the Rebels series definitely needs a rub from Rogue One by having Saw. I suspect now that the show will line up with Rogue One than anything else. A good start to the second half of the third season.


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