Voltron Legendary Defender – Lion Attack Voltron review


I don’t usually review toys as I leave it to others, but I felt this would be a good time to do so as this would be my first. The first wave of toys for Voltron Legendary Defender came out last hear consisted of basic action figures such as the lions that don’t combine, two versions of Voltron, and a Robeast from the Galra Empire. The focus of this review is the Lion Attack Voltron, one of two basic Voltron figures. The Lion Attack Voltron has the ability to shoot out the lion head. It’s left arm does not move much due to this feature. It’s articulation is much superior to the Sword Attack one and most of the figure can move its head, right arm, legs, and the waist. The negative about this is the painting as they didn’t finish painting Voltron’s face and it’s the same problem for Sword Attack Voltron as well. This figure stands about 5-inches tall. I got this from a Toys R Us store for $10 and it’s not a bad price. This is a high recommender for Voltron fans.


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