Voltron Legendary Defender – Ultimate Voltron review



One of the most highlighted and most anticipated collectible for the Voltron Legendary Defender series is the Ultimate Electronic Voltron. I got this from Toys R Us for $39 with tax. Upon unboxing the whole thing, this stands an incredible 14-inches as this is huge. It’s articulation blows everything else away and it looks exactly like the Voltron from the cartoon series. It comes with the sword, missile, and a pair of detachable wings. It also comes with instructions. When you press a button on its waist, it has 15 quotes and sounds from the TV show although it doesn’t sound like the voices. It lights up Voltron’s eyes, sides of its head, and chest. You can come up with many poses for the Ultimate Voltron and you have to find the right balance to make it stand. The Ultimate Voltron has battle damages all over it. This has to be highest recommender for Voltron fans. Adults may want to display it or preserve it as they should keep the box it came with while kids will want to play with it and even sleep with it. It’s the ultimate for Voltron fans.


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