Star Wars Rebels – Warhead review

Up until this episode, there hasn’t been much focus on Zeb since the third season started and this was their way of addressing it. The rest of the Ghost crew were not in it much as they only appeared in beginning and end. Zeb was ordered by Hera to look after the Rebel base with Chopper and former Imperial droid, AP-7. In Empire Strikes Back fashion, the Empire sends probes to nearby worlds as one landed in the Rebels’ base. Zeb may have felt bored not doing anything, but he got his taste when he dealt with the Imperial droid who plans on trying to infiltrate the Rebels’ base and inform the Empire. However, Zeb and Chopper had different ideas and they had some help from Agent Kallus aka the new Fulcrum. Grand Admiral Thrawn is getting suspicious as to how the Rebels were one step ahead of him. A good filler episode, but I don’t think it was a good idea to follow up last week’s with Saw Gerrera with a filler like this. A good episode for Zeb.


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