President Barack Obama 2009-2017

Today is the last day of President Barack Obama’s presidency. It would be a good time to look back on his eight years in the White House. He made history as the first African-American President, the 44th President, and would complete two terms. Under his presidency, jobs were being created and the economy got back up in comparison to what it was in 2008-09. President Obama became the first President to visit Laos and open doors with Cuba. He took down Osama Bin Laden and brought some troops home. One of the controversial things he created was Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care, where we are required to have health insurance or pay the penalty when paying taxes. However, his Presidency was marred by a divided partisan government. Many celebrities have passed away and many tragedies occurred under his watch. President Obama did not have a major scandal in all of the eight years. As he completes his Presidency, he will have open doors for other minorities who have potential to become future Presidents. I have watched all of his video weekly addresses. Thank you, President Obama, for the eight years you have given to America and the World.


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