Star Wars Rebels – Trials of the Darksaber review

The episode focuses on Sabine and her newfound responsibility of uniting the Mandalorians, even if she doesn’t want it considering what happened with her Mandalorian family. The history of the Darksaber reveals that there was a Mandalorian Jedi who was the first member of the Vizla clan. After his passing, several members of his family stole the Darksaber from the Jedi Temple and use it as a symbol to unite the Mandalorians. After some urging from Hera, Kanan and Ezra took it upon themselves to train Sabine in how to use the Darksaber. However, Kanan is cautious as using the Darksaber could hurt Sabine. As he trains Sabine, he gets into the heart of who she really is and Sabine begins to break open the things she kept hidden. For Sabine, this was the highlight of her character. Zeb is not in this episode after last week focused on him. This was one of the better episodes for this season.


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