Supergirl – Supergirl Lives review

Returning from a hiatus is a Supergirl episode that is directed by Kevin Smith, which is the hook for the wrong reasons. Lots of hype went into this episode. Upon watching it, I felt mixed about the whole thing. It was about Kara investigating the disappearance of a young girl despite warnings Snapper Carr. Apparently we find that many people have disappeared and went into an alien planet with the Red Sun. It took away both Supergirl and Mon-El’s powers.

I hated James Olsen in this episode as he got Winn to do something out in the field and Winn ends up getting mugged for it. Winn had to wear glasses until Kara and several people found out. What I hated about James was that he wasn’t apologetic for getting Winn in danger and Winn was right to yell at him for it. If anything, Winn is carrying this Guardian storyline that is likely going nowhere. Fortunately, it took Alex’s coaching to get him out of his funk.

Speaking of Alex, her emotions were all over this episode. She blames herself for Kara’s disappearance that she ends up shutting Maggie Sawyer out. Later on, she begs Maggie for another chance and Maggie was right to give her one more. Alex needs to quit worrying about Kara as she can take care of herself. Eventually Maggie will learn her secret anyways.

We saw the return of Roulette, whom we found out had nowhere to go since we last saw her. Unfortunately, she did nothing and she looked out of place in this episode. I also hope they didn’t throw Cadmus under the bus after Medusa as we could find out what Lena Luthor and her mother had been up to.

The episode had Kevin Smith’s charm, but it was uneven overall. Also this episode was in a tough position to follow the midseason finale that was well-received. I feel this was not the right episode to start off the second half of the season.

There was no hook to get us interested in this episode other than Kevin Smith directing it and the title had nothing to do with the episode’s content. It was a nod to his failed Superman project, Superman Lives, and the episode showed us why he wasn’t right for Superman. Let’s hope the next Supergirl episode will hook viewers the right way.


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