The Flash – Borrowing Problems From The Future review

The midseason premiere picks up where last episode left off in that Barry is haunted by visions of the future, where Iris dies at the hands of Savitar a few months from now. Barry vows to do everything to stop it from happening. This is how far Barry would go to when it comes to Iris. Here we have Wally’s debut as Kid Flash and it’s his real debut instead of the Flashpoint world and already he’s a better superhero than Barry was. Everyone but Barry was happy with his performance in taking down the villain.

As Barry and Iris told everyone about the future, they decided not to tell Joe considering how he was when Wally was captured by Savitar. However both Wally and HR Wells disagreed. Barry and Cisco set out to return to the future and look for hints in how to deal with Savitar. Basically this was the show telling us of the things to come through the headlines, especially with Caitlin Snow, who keeps having her cuffs broken. I guess Cisco never thought to create more.

We also get to see parts of Star Labs that we didn’t before such as creating a museum for it. All this time Star Labs had no money, so how did it survive all these years? Likely through Barry’s money from his works in the Police.

Julian has become a welcome addition to the Flash team, but I still think he is related to Rip Hunter somehow. I like the scenes involving he and Caitlin in terms of how to deal with her powers.

The ending sees the live-action debut of DC Comics character Gypsy, who is looking for HR Wells. It’s pretty funny and coincidental as to how both Flash and Supergirl end in similar ways. It’s a good hook for the next episode.. This was a lot better than last night’s Supergirl episode.

Good episode to return with.


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