Supergirl – We Can Be Heroes review

After a rocky start from last week’s episode, we are back with an episode that corrects that mistake. Here we have Supergirl training Mon-El in how to use his powers to protect the world, but things get rocky when they’re out in the field. Like Superman, Supergirl is about saving innocent lives while Mon-El is more about saving himself and Kara as this puts them at odds and why their relationship can never be besides their backgrounds of their opposing races. Add to the problem with the appearance of the Guardian making things complicated for her. This episode was about secrets and confessions and how they affect relationships.

Winn wanted to tell Kara about his and James’ secret as Guardian and James didn’t want to so as James was unconscious in trying to aid the heroes, Supergirl removes his helmet and learns that James is the Guardian. It was a turning point in their friendship. Kara was right in scolding James as one bullet could end everything for him. I hated the writers in trying to make James look good at Kara’s expense and in the end I was glad that Kara still didn’t approve of James being a Guardian while James still continues as Guardian. I don’t know why Winn all of a sudden wants to be out in the field after last week shook him up, probably by Alex’s coaching and his time in the alien planet last week.

Mon-El confessed to Kara that he knew about their kiss and called out Kara on not returning his feelings. How could she given the differences between their races? I don’t think Superman would approve of their relationship nor would he approve of Jimmy being Guardian. I liked the idea of seeing the heroes working together as this was their second or third time in this season. Basically they took their friendship to a deeper level as their differences began to come out and they don’t have the same definition of Stronger Together.

The Martian storyline involving J’onn, M’Gann, and Alex was the highlight of this episode in that M’Gann was attacked on a psychic level and J’onn refuses to bond with M’Gann after Alex’s urging. Lots of drama in this episode as it should be and not some stupid love triangle stuff. Basically this particularly is setup for the next episode.

The villain for tonight’s episode is LiveWire, who was revealed to be captured by a scientist who created several Livewire-like soldiers including one who resembles her. Supergirl was wrong about her and let her escape until they meet again, something that both Maggie and Alex disagreed with. Livewire is becoming the show’s equivalent to Captain Cold. I wanted both Supergirl and Alex to be independent of each other and this episode fulfilled my wish.

Much much better episode than last week’s.


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