Arrow – Bratva review

This episode marks Tina Bolland/ Dinah Drake’s debut with Team Arrow as most of the entire team went to Russia to deal with the debts made by a Russian organization that Oliver was once a part of called Bratva. I had to wonder how powerful Ragman is since he absorb the nuclear thing. It was there that Oliver had to keep Diggle in check, but being in jail has affected him mentally and emotionally that’s getting in the way of teamwork. Tina/ Dinah did well on her first outing, but I’m still holding a candle to the late Dinah Laurel Lance. Meanwhile, Wild Dog had to stay behind to assist acting mayor Quentin Lance, who was just out of rehab and Oliver’s girlfriend asked questions about his addiction as he brushed them off. I wonder if Thea is leaving the show since Wild Dog is doing Thea’s role. We’re seeing less and less of Thea as of late. A good episode for the Tina/ Dinah, but I’m not sure if I want to stick around any further after they trolled us with Dinah Laurel. Good episode overall.


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