DC Multiverse Supergirl review


I had wanted to get the Supergirl action figure for some time late last year when she was released under the DC Multiverse banner. It is based on the Supergirl TV series and stands about 6-7 inches tall. The hair is dirty blonde and the costume is like the TV show, along with some red lines. Her thighs are nylon like the TV show and she does wear blue underwear underneath the skirt. Both the skirt and cape are made of soft vinyl material. It has many articulations and joints. It comes with the left leg of New 52 Doomsday so when you buy 5 other series figures, they form the New 52 Doomsday. It’s not easy taking her out of the bubble packaging. This is a souvenir from the TV show for Supergirl fans, including myself. I got this on rollback at a Walmart for $16.95, so I could not pass this up. If I were you guys, you need to get this on rollback while you can from a Walmart. A great addition to the DCU action figure collection.


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