Supergirl – Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk review

The first season’s 13th episode was an adaptation of the Superman story called For The Man Who Has Everything and that it was Supergirl’s version of it. This season’s 13th episode was the adaptation of the silver age story called Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk that starred Supergirl. This episode is co-written by Supergirl comics writer Sterling Gates. Picks up where last episode left off in that Mxyzptlk made his debut and he reminds me of Q of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He wanted to marry Kara as she refuses, but Mon-El’s jealousy didn’t go well with her. They also had disagreements on how to get rid of him with Supergirl wanting to say his name backwards and Mon-El wanting to kill him. But Kara had to deal with Mxyzptlk by herself and that was one of the show’s problems in that Kara ended being rescued by Alex or anyone else. I was glad Sterling co-wrote this as he had to remind the current Supergirl writing team that she has superpowers and there is some things that she could do herself. This was one of them.

It was nice seeing Mxy in the Superman costume and this is the first time a non-Superman costume is used live-action. If they can’t get Superman back, I hope they can bring Mxy back wearing a Superman suit if they are to deal with aliens such as the Dominators or Daxamites. Mon-El even fought Mxy and poured all his emotions in his punches. At times Mon-El reminds me of Brandon Lee from Showdown In Little Tokyo.

The other storyline has Alex wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Maggie, but Maggie is not into Valentine’s Day thus resulting in the first fight between the two and it took Kara to get Maggie to make up to Alex with a belated Valentine’s Day party. Then we have Winn going out on a date with an alien named Lyra, who is replacing the departing M’Gann at the alien bar. I hope Lyra joins on a recurring basis at least to work at both the bar and the DEO. I had no idea Martians had their Valentine’s Day. The best part about this episode is no Jimmy as Guardian because last week focused on him. I knew it that last week’s episode would put Jimmy out of commission as Guardian for a little while and sit out for this episode.

I also saw Kara having Mxy push the buttons that revealed his name backwards coming from a mile away. It was nice to see Mxy bring Parasite and a ice statue of Jor-El to life. I’ve said it before that I hope Mxy returns later this season. Great episode overall.


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