Star Wars Rebels – Through Imperial Eyes review

The episode is about Grand Admiral Thrawn discovering the rebels mole in his ranks who goes by the name of Fulcrum. Now viewers know who Fulcrum is, but Thrawn does not as this episode addresses it. Kanan, Ezra, Captain Rex, Chopper, and a former Imperial droid have infiltrated the Empire to rescue Agent Kallus out of there. While this was going on, Agent Kallus is doing everything he can to cover his tracks and he almost got away with it framing a key Imperial lieutenant. In the end, Thrawn does know that Agent Kallus is the Rebel traitor named Fulcrum and will use him to get to the Rebels. I have to wonder if this is the beginning of the end for Agent Kallus when he decided to stay instead of leaving with Kanan and the others. No Sabine in this episode and both Hera and Zeb aren’t in it either. Speaking of Zeb, we hardly see him lately. Hope he appears in the next one. A good episode overall.


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