The Flash – Attack On Central City review

Here we are in part 2 of the Gorilla City story arc that has Grodd, Earth-2 Harrison Wells, Gypsy, Jesse Quick, and Solivar. Thanks to Gypsy, the Grodd breaches through to Earth-1 with the Gorilla army to attack Central City and attack Flash and his people. Barry’s reasons are to change the future, but his solution was to kill Grodd. Both Iris and Earth-2 Wells were against it and Iris proved why she is Barry’s human anchor much like Lois is for Superman. Grodd easily took control of Joe’s mind, but he could have done the same with the rest and not go through this military thing by taking over a military general’s mind and steal the missiles.

I enjoy the team-up of Barry, Wally, and Jesse against the gorillas and we got to see the first appearance of Accelerated Man from Earth-19. There are feelings between Cisco and Gypsy that Gypsy isn’t willing to admit until the end. She brought the gorillas into Earth-1 and had to take responsibility for it instead of running away. I wished she would remain, along with Jesse Quick.

Barry proposing to Iris may be too quick and I have a feeling Iris may turn him down. The end of the episode with Wally and Savitar is a good hook for the next episode. Tom Cavanagh did a great job in portraying both Harry Wells and HR Wells as if they were two different people, although they’re the same person. They also show the fight between Grodd and Solivar, which is a first live-action fight between two CGI DCU characters. A good episode overall and watching this with last week will feel like a movie.


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