Legends of Tomorrow- Land of the Lost review

Rip Hunter uses the protocol to get Gideon to commandeer the Waverider and send it to the prehistoric era where the medallion was lost. The episode consisted of Sara and Jax entering Rip’s mind to bring him back while Ray, Nate, and Amaya find the medallion. As Sara and Jax enter Rip’s mind, they encounter evil doppelgangers of themselves. It’s also there that Jax encounters the Human version of Gideon and why she and Rip are attached to each other.

I’m glad the writers addressed Amaya being out of her time of 1942 as Ray tells Nate why he can’t date Amaya and it concerns her granddaughter Mari McCabe, who is the current Vixen. They could have addressed this earlier on in the season, but to wait this long late in the season felt like an afterthought.

Nice of Mick Rory to tell Professor Stein to stop treating Jax like a kid and treat him like an equal partner. Professor Stein comes across as arrogant compared to his time in The Flash with Ronnie Raymond.

Great episode overall.


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